Current PhD students

See a list of current PhD’s below! (click on the Figure above to see the main themes and how the PhDs are connected to them)

DIANA OYENA AKULO – with Dr. Harro Maat and Prof. Paul Richards

Thesis title: Changing Research Culture: Transforming Agricultural Research for Innovations in Uganda (working title)

JOANA AMEYAW – With Prof. Bas Arts (Wageningen University)

Thesis title: Towards responsive postgraduate curriculum development for natural resource governance: bridging university education and society

MAHMUDA MUTAHARA – With Dr. Flip Wester and Dr. Jeroen Warner (Wageningen University)

Thesis title: Insights in Tidal River Management (TRM): The Scope for Participatory Learning to Improve Adaptive Water Management in the Southwest Delta, Bangladesh (working title)

MARTHA CHAVES – With Dr. Gerard Verschoor (Wageningen University)

Thesis title: Answering ‘The Call of the Mountain’ – Co-creating sustainability through networks of change in Colombia


Thesis title: Capacity building for climate change adaptation: Developing adaptive capacity as a component of climate change adaptation strategies – A case study of farming community in Central coastal region, Vietnam (working title)

PETRA CREMERS – With Dr. Renate Wesselink and Prof. Martin Mulder

Thesis title:  ‘Designing hybrid learning configurations at the interface of school and workplace’

JIFKE SOL – With Dr. PJ Beers (Erasmus University/Wageningen University)

Thesis title: Social learning in multi-actor innovation networks in regional transition contexts; the role of trust, commitment and reframing as emergent properties of interaction.


Thesis title: Aardekinderen: Natuur– en milieueducatie als leren zorgen voor de aarde

PhD students I co-supervise(d) who obtain(ed) their degrees elsewhere:

TICHAONA PESANAYI – With Prof. Heila Lotz-Sisitka (Rhodes University)

Thesis title: Learning across socially-constructed boundaries: cases of expansive learning for resilience in Agricultural and Water sustainability practices in southern Africa

DICK KACHILONDA – With Prof. Heila Lotz-Sisitka (Rhodes University)

Thesis title: Investigating and expanding learning in co-management of fisheries resources to inform extension training

ARISTIDES BALOI – With Prof. Heila Lotz-Sisitka (Rhodes University)

Thesis title: Exploring transformative social learning and sustainability in the context of community based irrigation scheme management in Mozambique

EMILY MCGREGOR – With Prof. Carl van der Lingen and Prof. Astrid Jarre (University of Cape Town)

Thesis title: Evaluating the implementation efficacy of an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries management in the South African sardine fishery

JANA TIMMS – With Prof Gerd Michelsen (Leuphana Univerity, Germany)

Thesis title: Sustainability learning of ‘Sustainopreneurs’ (working title)

JANA TIMMS – With Prof Gerd Michelsen (Leuphana Univerity, Germany)

Thesis title: Sustainability learning of ‘Sustainopreneurs’ (working title)


2 thoughts on “Current PhD students

  1. Dear Pro. Arjen Wals,

    I joined your T-learning seminar in Vietnam last August. I would love to learn more about T-learning in Vietnam. Could you please share me the contact of Hong Phuong Le.

    Thank you,

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